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August 19, 2022

So many of y’all seek affordable ways to DIY your big day. Today, I’m breaking down some tips and tricks to design your wedding on a budget!

Forget About Impulse Buying

I know you want that “thing” but that “thing” will most likely be on sale at some point before your event. So take a note, and then keep checking in every once in a while because you just may see it on the clearance rack for 75% off! I would highly recommend not purchasing anything at full price if you don’t need to.

Check Amazon!

If you have a Prime account, even better! There are so many pieces you can find on Amazon that are less expensive than in store and you can purchase in bulk and save tons. Here are some of my favorite elements on Amazon.

7.2ft Strand of Fairy Lights

72-pack of White Votive Candles

His/Her Vow Books

10-pack Disposable Cameras

Polaroid Camera Set with Film

Velvet Ring Box

Cheesecloth in Bulk (cut and dye)

Purchase your linen

Check out Tablecloths Factory for pieces like table linen, runners, napkins, and more. It can be more cost effective to purchase the linen yourself then pay to rent them as you’ll be charged cleaning fees, delivery, pickup, etc.

Don’t forget to stop by your local Dollar Store

You can find a handful of elements at the Dollar Store to utilize for your big day and nobody will even know! Piece like chargers and cylinder vases for only $1.00! You can purchase those in bulk for a fraction of a cost at the Dollar Store.

Hop on Facebook Marketplace

Join some wedding groups on Facebook. Many couples want to get rid of their “stuff” after the wedding which is PRIME time for you to get affordable decor. 

And finally…

Don’t underestimate Antique Stores

Here a just a few pieces I found when searching through our local Antique Store:

Lots of mason jars that can be used for ceremony aisle decor or elements of a vignette at your reception. You can buy fresh floral or even baby’s breath to place in the mason jars!

For the country couple, I found a pair of mason jar wine glasses for your wedding day to place at your sweetheart table.

Glass goblets for you and your wedding party.

An antique wooden ladder for decor and pictures.

A tin watering can for fresh summer flowers to include in a vignette.

Pieces of furniture that can be restored for a photo op. You can purchase a polaroid camera and set up your own “Photo Booth” saving you hundreds of dollars instead of hiring a Photo Booth vendor.

Watering tins that can be used as a beverage station.

A tall vintage mirror for the bridal party while getting ready.

A wooden window shutter for decor in your vignette or pictures.

Brass bases for tapered candles.

And so much more!

These budget hacks will leave more room for creativity when designing your event(s). You’ll be glad you did. 

Let’s talk party favors…

Not every couple chooses to offer party favors to guests. It’s simply a personal choice.

Party favors are a little ‘thank-you’ to guests for celebrating your big day with you. For some, they live next door, for others, they have traveled thousands of miles to be there with you. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.

So if you choose to offer a favor, here are some tips…

They don’t have to be expensive.

Remember, it’s a little “thank you”.

They don’t have to be extravagant.

Simple is better.

They should be meaningful.

They should be of some use to the receiver. 

They don’t have to be big.

In fact, they should be small because nobody wants to carry something home that doesn’t fit in their pocket or purse.

You don’t have be crafty.

That’s what Etsy is for 😊.

Think about the area you are hosting your wedding in.

Find local artisans who can provide something unique to the local area. 

Need a little inspo, head on over to my Pinterest board.

It’s loaded with fun ideas and will get those creative juices flowing!

Think Outside of the Box

Recently a graduated bride was in the market to sell decor from her wedding. (*the term ‘graduated’ is used often when a bride has already had her wedding*) She didn’t need it anymore and wanted to sell it to those who would use it.

Of course, I was the first to say “heck ya!”.

As I begin searching through all of her piles and piles of decor, I found treasure! This was GOLD.

And like I said, I can’t pass up a good deal…

I found pieces to utilize for upcoming weddings. These are just some of the pieces I found.

The treasure:

100 Gold Chargers
85 Rose Gold Votive Holders
2 Mirrors
25 Rose Gold Table Numbers
1 Photo Vignette Element

We spent…
$185.00!! That’s a STEAL!

If you haven’t gone shopping for decor like this before, I’ll give you the breakdown.

Chargers typically run $1.50/plate.

We purchased 100 for $55.00!

Votive Holders typically run $1.50/votive holder.

We purchased 85 for $50.00!

Vintage mirror typically run $50.00/each.

We purchased the mirrors for $15.00/each!

The table numbers run anywhere from $90.00 – $150.00.

We purchased 25 for $35.00!

The photo vignette was handmade. They typically run $30.00/each at your local craft store.

We purchased it for $15.00.

Shop smart!

Let’s chat tools!

There are a variety of tools out there when planning your wedding or any event really. These tools that follow will


It’s a FREE platform and tool that is readily available to us. If you’re trying to save money on invitations, create a save-the-date event page. It’s likely that not all guests will be on Facebook, so pick up the phone and give them a shout. Just let them know.


Have people RSVP via a custom wedding email. It’s less paper that had to be printed and less postage stamps we had to purchase. Purchasing postage stamps can really dig into your wedding funds. This is a great place to save money.

Create an Account with ZOLA – I love Zola

Not only can you create a wedding website, but you’ve got a free planning checklist at your fingertips! Beyond this, you can search for registry items, create invitations, and more. Everything is completely customizable.

We all love DISCOUNTS

Download web extensions like Honey and Wikibuy to start receiving your coupons and discounts as you shop online.


Pinterest is amazing especially if you’re looking to DIY elements for your wedding. If you’re looking for it, you’re most likely going to find it.

Next up…gifts!

It is custom for the bride and groom to give gifts to the bridal party and parents.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on gifts. It truly is the thought that counts.

Have you checked out Etsy? That should be your first stop. You can find lots of affordable and customizable gifts for your bridal party and parents.

Make sure to read reviews on products you are viewing. If the seller has a poor reputation, don’t even think about purchasing from them. It will only make your planning process that much more stressful.

There are really so many tips and tricks I can provide on how to create your big day on a budget. I’m the Queen of DIY hacks.

Check out my recent article on DIY Florals and how to create your own arrangements for a fraction of the cost!

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