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August 9, 2022

Wow – I can’t believe I finally launched my first product! It’s surreal and I can’t wait to see how many lives I can touch through this new venture.

Throughout my time as a wedding planner, I’ve learned that this type of service is a luxury. As planners, we have to charge for our time and boy is there a lot of time put into planning a wedding. And the cost for these services reflects that. Most people simply can’t budget for this type of luxury service so they forgo the professional planner and take on the big day on their own…and sometimes with the help of family and friends.

For so long, I’ve struggled to figure out a way to provide this type of luxury service to those who simply can’t budget for it. And I finally figured it out!

Welcome, the 

Planner in a Box

The all-inclusive planning experience in a box!

I remember clearly how the idea came about. I was on the phone with my good friend and we were talking about this very struggle most couples have. 

We had just launched our Flatlay Kits and she said, “why don’t you put your services in a box!” Genius. And here we are!

When I first started putting together the idea, I knew it had to include more than just planning documents. I wanted to give these couples the full experience. I thought about all of the little details and elements that are important on a wedding day but that are often overlooked. 

So I broke the box into 4 different categories:

  1. Planning Essentials
  2. Planning Worksheets
  3. Styling Items
  4. Day-of Emergency Kit

Planning Essentials

The Planning Essentials include elements that the couple will want as they start planning. 

  • Journal (but a cute one, because nothing motivates us more than a cute notebook to write in)
  • Pen (and of course a cute one, because we’ve gotta pair the cute notebook with a cute pen to write with)
  • Stickies (to mark important sections in your notebook and/or contracts from vendors)
  • Whiteout (because let’s be honest, things change often when planning events and so you’ll need this to make those edits)

Planning Worksheets

The Planning Worksheets are included on a USB drive. This little drive is worth the big bucks, my friend. It includes over 38 planning worksheets and 10 educational videos walking you through every step of this amazing wedding planning journey.

When couples work directly with me, we utilize only about ¼ of the documents you’ll be receiving in this box. That’s because most of the leg work is on me when couples hire me to plan their wedding day. Couples purchasing this box will be planning their wedding day on their own, so I really went into detail to curate and create customized worksheets and documents for them so they don’t miss a single detail in planning their big day. A BONUS – they’re easy to use, easy to understand, and formatted so you can simply print and place in your Wedding Day Binder when the big day arrives.

Styling Items

When I put together the styling items, I thought of the pretty little details photographers love to capture for their couples. Too often, couples forget to bring little elements to design their invitation suite and other details on their wedding day. *I am guilty of it too*. So I included:

  • Vow books (for the couple to prep and write their personal vows. And it looks better carrying these to the altar than a piece of paper. Plus, the photographer can capture pretty details of these.)
  • Crystal champagne flutes (I included beautiful gold rimmed crystal champagne flutes for the couple to place at their table for toasts. Even better, these should be saved and taken out each year on your anniversary to toast to the special day.)
  • Hand-died silk styling ribbon (so the photographer can beautifully style your invitation suite)
  • Velvet ring box (this not only provides a safe place to carry the rings to the altar, but it also makes a great addition to styling the invitation suite)

Day-of Emergency Kit

And finally, the Day-of Emergency Kit. This was an important one for me. When designing the E-kit, I wanted to provide something that could be used after the wedding too. So I included a beautiful clutch that holds the major items you’ll want to carry with you:

  • Mini first aid kit (you never know when you’ll need it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.)
  • Lip gloss (you’ll be kissing your SO all day long and will need to refresh. Included is a nude gloss that will give you the perfect refresh and shine)
  • Mints (let’s be honest, we all need a good mint refresh sometimes too. You’ll be talking to people all day and kissing all day. You’ll want to make sure your breathe smells good too.)
  • Deodorant (I included a neutral scented deodorant in case your SO needs a little refresh too.)
  • Safety pins (you’d be surprised how many times safety pins are needed and can never be found. They will be your saving grace).

BONUS – I made sure the clutch I included was big enough so you could include other items and of course the one thing most people can’t leave home without…a cell phone!

In addition to all of these AMAZING goodies, I also included another surprise but you’ll have to purchase the box to find out!

There was so much thought and time put into the creation of this box. I put my heart and soul into creating a box that provides the full experience for budget conscious couples and an experience that leads them into their wedding planning journey stress free and with ease. 

Most couples dive into planning and have no idea where to start. This box guides you through every step from start to finish and covers everything you’ll need to know in between. 

PLUS, I’ve added in some content covering possible obstacles that may arise and how to push through them.

I truly have thought of it all. 


All items were outsourced with the budget conscious couple in mind to ensure I provided an affordable alternative so that they too could experience the joy of working with a professional planner to help with their big day.

The box is $249 AND there’s FREE SHIPPING. 

The Planner in a Box is valued at over $4,000!! That’s crazy. But that’s exactly what I wanted to provide these couples with; an affordable alternative to the wedding planning experience.

I can’t wait to see how many couples I can help through this venture…one box at a time.


“A new approach to the wedding planning experience!”

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